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Claire Bodine

THE HERALD ANGEL is the personal blog of televangelist Doctor Claire Bodine, whose mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus and in particular to do everything in her power to end violent video games for the hate that they breed. Dr. Bodine believes that video games have become an insidious blight upon our society, provoking people to commit hedonistic, selfish, and even highly destructive deeds. The time has come to turn away from the endless barrage of glowing screens that infest our daily life, look at one another in the eye, and find love and kindness in this glorious real world distinct from the frenzy of electronic fantasy.

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The Lies of Google AI

Updated: Jun 20

The work of real people is once again being pushed to the wayside for the sake of AI. Google, rather than being the search engine we all signed up for, is trying to be a search and answer engine. Google’s algorithmic whims over the past few months have a huge impact on those that rely on their search engine to bring in traffic to their site.                                                                                                                                                      

Beyond the changes to their search algorithms, Google has now added an AI overview feature, that comes up automatically anytime you put in an inquiry. There’s no way to turn it off and, most importantly, it doesn’t work. Just look to the plethora of screenshots of this new AI telling people to put glue on their pizza, or horrifyingly, telling depressed users that suicide is an option. Because the AI can’t differentiate tone, it takes ideas from Reddit or the Onion, written with sarcasm, as being fact. This too is damaging the small businesses that rely on the traffic Google brings them. 

Google is aware of the problem, but refuses to flip the multi-billion dollar mistake back. It’s obviously not ready to be used yet, and so the best option for the user is to scroll past it entirely! Scroll down past the AI summary (and the growing number of sponsored results) and click through the original sites to get your information. Respect real information made by real people! The best and truest information is imbued with light, love, and true humanity. Google, with its unfeeling code and lifeless musings from a large language model will never be able to replicate the soul of REAL information. Without it, Google has taken the Godliness out of Google Search. 

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