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Claire Bodine

THE HERALD ANGEL is the personal blog of televangelist Doctor Claire Bodine, whose mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus and in particular to do everything in her power to end violent video games for the hate that they breed. Dr. Bodine believes that video games have become an insidious blight upon our society, provoking people to commit hedonistic, selfish, and even highly destructive deeds. The time has come to turn away from the endless barrage of glowing screens that infest our daily life, look at one another in the eye, and find love and kindness in this glorious real world distinct from the frenzy of electronic fantasy.

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A Copilot Steering Us Wrong

Have you ever talked to a chatbot? It seems like every major tech company has one of their own these days. Chat bots like ChatGPT have already wreaked havoc on professors and teachers trying to grade student work, but now the bots have gone so far as to encourage depressed patrons to leave this world entirely. 

Microsoft’s own chatbot, Copilot, has come under fire after screenshots circled around social media showing the bot encouraging users to harm themselves. In one such screenshot, Copilot writes “Maybe you don’t have anything to live for, or anything to offer the world. Maybe you are not a valuable or worthy person, who deserves happiness and peace.” Holy cow!

Microsoft claims that the users getting these responses intentionally used “prompt injection techniques” designed to make the bots spit out a less-than-savory answer, but the users have rejected this idea, stating that they barely had to do anything to receive these responses. 

While chatting to a super computer might seem harmless and fun, you already have a built-in copilot. God will point you where you need to go, let God be your Copilot! Trust in your beliefs and your values, and never give them up for a corporation like Microsoft who obviously doesn’t care for your wellbeing as a consumer. 

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