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Claire Bodine

THE HERALD ANGEL is the personal blog of televangelist Doctor Claire Bodine, whose mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus and in particular to do everything in her power to end violent video games for the hate that they breed. Dr. Bodine believes that video games have become an insidious blight upon our society, provoking people to commit hedonistic, selfish, and even highly destructive deeds. The time has come to turn away from the endless barrage of glowing screens that infest our daily life, look at one another in the eye, and find love and kindness in this glorious real world distinct from the frenzy of electronic fantasy.

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Thanks to the gracious folks here at WMCA for their kindness in lending me the mic as we await the sunrise.

My fellow Canadian, Gordon Lightfoot, sings of the “Long Thin Dawn,” and today, dawn’s bright burst of incendiary hope is both long in coming and thin indeed.

The President’s assurance that attacks on our communications infrastructure system are abating has, sadly, proved erroneous. In fact, the Cyberterror Taskforce reports a vast number of simple, unsecured devices like home routers, surveillance cameras and wireless speakers, collectively called the “Internet of Things,” have been hacked and merged into the zombie botnet flooding the internet with fake traffic, causing increasing disruption across the Western world.

In addition, as we paced and prayed throughout the night, a slow bleed of scandalous video has oozed onto the Internet. The morning sun, along with the screens in our hands and in our homes will bring to light behavior clearly intended for the shadows.

I was among those dreading this dawn, because I know in the mirror of my soul that I am not without sin. And what is our virtual self as seen in social media postings, photos and videos but a mirror of our souls?

Looking at my computer screen tonight, I’m looking through the looking glass, beyond my façade, and glimpsing regrettable moments I fervently wish to remain my own private shame. But I am no longer afraid.

I realize this is an unparalleled opportunity for me – for all of us – to face our frailties, confess to them, and accept them.

Will the “Apostles” share one of my secret shames for all to see? I have no control over that, since the “Apostles” have demonstrated control of computer and surveillance cameras. But I can control my reaction, and so can you.

Let us meet with gratitude this opportunity, on the brink of apocalypse, to accept ourselves and our sins, and to humble ourselves before the Lord, and before those our behavior may have hurt.

None of us knows what the “Apostles” might reveal about us, those dear to us, or those who lead us. But resolve to meet these revelations with grace, forgiveness, understanding and love, and we will confound the Beast. 

Speaking of gratitude, grace and love, bless the many thousands of you who have responded by sending your own WORLD PRAYER FOR LIFE AND LOVE. As we prepare to meet the dawn, I close with this, from Emma Miller in Mankato, Minnesota:

Dear God,

As the storm gathers, may Your Light and Your Love lead us a brighter and glorious day.


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