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Claire Bodine

THE HERALD ANGEL is the personal blog of televangelist Doctor Claire Bodine, whose mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus and in particular to do everything in her power to end violent video games for the hate that they breed. Dr. Bodine believes that video games have become an insidious blight upon our society, provoking people to commit hedonistic, selfish, and even highly destructive deeds. The time has come to turn away from the endless barrage of glowing screens that infest our daily life, look at one another in the eye, and find love and kindness in this glorious real world distinct from the frenzy of electronic fantasy.

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Who can we trust, and what is the truth, when the internet and airwaves are alive with lies?

We can trust in God and the truth of his Word.

Who can we turn to when our most private, intimate communications may be turned into tools of defamation and humiliation?

We can turn to God, with 100% certainty our communication with Him is forever secure and confidential.

The power of Prayer transcends TV, transcends the Internet; Prayer is the raw and real connection we have with our Lord. And Prayer links us, human to human, without need for broadband or electricity. Prayer brings us closer to each other and closer to God, at this moment when we face a horror deeper and mightier than we could have imagined.

I ask everyone – everyone everywhere in the world -- to join me in a WORLD PRAYER FOR LIFE AND LOVE AT 7:00 pm EST tomorrow.

You may ask: why not pray NOW? Please do! Now more than ever.

But my hope is by 7pm tomorrow, millions, perhaps billions, of people will hear and respond to the call to Prayer, and by praying in unison we will summon the might of the Almighty One, and bend the arc of history to His will.

We will need each other, and God’s strength, for at 7pm tomorrow, I believe we will face our darkest hour.

The APpOCALYPSE explosions began at 7:06pm tonight, and the Entity promises the release of a trove of scandalous videos at 7:06am this morning.

This leads me to anticipate that there is another, perhaps ultimate, catastrophic act planned for 7:06pm tomorrow night.

7:06 may be interpreted as 66 minutes past 6 o’clock – or 6:66, with the Entity’s devilish sense of humor.

We will counter with the largest Simultaneous Prayer in human history. We will meet this internet-born Evil with a worldwide web of love and worship -- a worldwide wave of reverence and thanks for God and the life He has gifted us with.

The next hours will give us time to spread the word, and to write our prayer.

The prayer should be simple and brief – easy to chant or sing or meditate on, easy to translate into any language, and inclusive of all faiths.

Draft your prayer, practice it, then share it with everyone you know. I believe a Prayer will emerge from social media and personal sharing that we can all give our hearts and souls to.

Meanwhile, God will be hearing many voices -- many I imagine he hasn’t heard in quite a while. And our voices converging as one will be music God has been listening for a very long time to hear.

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