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Claire Bodine

THE HERALD ANGEL is the personal blog of televangelist Doctor Claire Bodine, whose mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus and in particular to do everything in her power to end violent video games for the hate that they breed. Dr. Bodine believes that video games have become an insidious blight upon our society, provoking people to commit hedonistic, selfish, and even highly destructive deeds. The time has come to turn away from the endless barrage of glowing screens that infest our daily life, look at one another in the eye, and find love and kindness in this glorious real world distinct from the frenzy of electronic fantasy.

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Updated: Dec 11, 2018

I’m on a new laptop, donated by the 24-hour BestBuy in Union Square – God bless!

As we head into this sleepless night, a question bedevils citizens and authorities alike: How did this gargantuan Evil spring up out of nowhere?

The sad answer is: it didn’t. Like any great Evil, it took root with few to notice, and grew in the shadows.

When I began warning of DevilsGame’s unique dangers to our youth and society, I was a voice in the wilderness (the Canadian wilderness, no less), dismissed and ridiculed by the mainstream media.

Now I find myself a consultant to the Cyber TaskForce, only because I have spent the past three years studying the nefarious nature of DevilsGame.

DevilsGame, unfortunately, spent those same three years studying its Players and cataloging their assets, proclivities, and sins.

ScarySmart’s Nathan Rifkin has confessed that every install of Devilsgame contains a bug allowing intruders to steal a Players’ bank and credit card information, control their computer’s camera and microphone, and post on Facebook and send email in their names.

Rifkin further admitted this bug allowed the coldly calculated virtual and actual character assassinations of Darko Ruger and Rev. Jack Trask, who both committed suicide as a result.

And though it had caused two deaths, ScarySmart offered no patch or update. Why?

The multi-million dollar launch of their new mobile app was already planned and largely paid for; too much money spent and too much profit at risk for ScarySmart to cloud the launch of APpOCALYPSE – which, we have learned, is also murderously flawed.

Thus was the deal with the Devil made, and DevilsGame begat APpOCALYPSE, which begat the “Apostles,” who in turn have summoned the “OTHER” and brought us to the precipice of doom.

It lessens the enormity of this Evil to realize it did not rise overnight; it worked for years to arrange this Reckoning. This Evil must put its nose to the grindstone – it cannot work miracles.

Our Lord is a font of miracles, and with His might, we will vanquish this Evil.

When we do, let us vow to never let it “surprise” us again, and never let it to slip again into shadow. Let us always keep it fixed in our sight, and prodded forth into the cleansing light of our Lord.

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